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 Stillwater FFA Highlights

2011-12 Highlights


2010-11 Highlights

  • Congratulations to the Envirothon team for placing 2nd in the Area 4 Envirothon and advancing to the State Envirothon for the first time in 9 years.  Team members were Kelan Chang, Sierra Day-Wallace, Andie Jurcoi, Megan Knuteson, and Bo Sandahl.
  • Stillwater FFA honored as State Champion Small Animal CDE team at State FFA Convention (Caroline Harris, Jacqueline Levendusky, Rylee Rechtiene, and Ashley White).  Other CDE teams placing in the top ten at state included Job Interview - 7th (Heidi Wicklund), Poultry - 8th (Kelan Chang, Morgan Klingsporn, Marie Krinke, Bo Sandahl), Extemporaneous Speaking - 9th (Elise Dittmann), Forestry -9th (John Conroy, Adam Earney, Jacob Hickey, Jake Williams), and Agribusiness Sales - 9th (Nick Christy, Alex Enter, Jacqueline Stillwell, Hunter Wicklund). 
  • Congratulations to the newly elected 2011-12 Stillwater FFA Officers:  Vince Anderson (President), Elise Dittmann (Vice-President), Morgan Klingsporn (Secretary), Andie Jurcoi (Treasurer), Caroline Harris (Reporter), Megan Knuteson (Historian), Kelan Change (Sentinel), Jesssica Meister and Dakota Severance (Officers-at-Large).
  • 31 members attended the 51st annual Ag Technology Contests at UW-River Falls and Stillwater was named the #1 chapter out of over 60 chapters participating.  This the first time in the history of the event that the number one rating has gone to a Minnesota FFA chapter.  First place individuals were Nathan Marquardt (Floriculture - 2nd year placing 1st), Jacob Hickey (Forestry), and Bo Sandahl (Farm Management).  First place teams were Forestry and Small Animal.  Second place teams were Food Science, Floriculture, and Farm Management.  Other teams particpating were Wildlife, Horse, Livestock, Dairy Cattle, and Agronomy.
  • Stillwater FFA hosts four Region 4 FFA CDE's at SAHS.  Nathan Marquardt places 1st in the Floriculture CDE and the team advances to state (Alli Best, Camille McMillan, Jessica Mesiter, Rio Puente).  The Forestry CDE team places first and also advances to state (Jacob Hickey-1st; Adam Earney-2nd; Jake Williams - 7th; John Conroy; Marissa Meyer).
  • Stillwater FFA takes 1st place in four Region 4 CDE's on Dec. 16 at U of M.  Small Animal (1st; Rylee Rechtiene-3rd; Caroline Harris-6th; Ashley White-7th); Job Interveiw (Heidi Wicklund-1st; Vince Anderson-5th); Extemporaneous Speaking (Elise Dittmann-1st; Alex Enter 6th); Agribusiness Sales (1st; Alex Enter-1st; Nick Christy-2nd; Hunter Wicklund-3rd; Jacqueline Stillwell-4th)
  • Top members for the Fruit, Cheese, and Sausage Sale were 1)Christina Thompson, 2)Alex Enter, 3)Vince Anderson, 4)Bo Sandahl, 5)Mackenzie Witzel.
  • 43 members attended the Ag & Natural Resource Activities Day at U of M-Crookston.  Members competed in Horse (1st place team; Katie Lee-1st, Maire Donohue-9th), Small Animal (1st place team; Caroline Harris-3rd, Rylee Rechtiene-9th), Forestry (2nd place team; Megan Knuteson-2nd, Sierra Day-Wallace-5th), Hippology (2nd place team; Elise Dittmann-3rd, Jacqueline Levendusky-8th), Dairy Cattle (3rd place team; Rio Puente-8th), Livestock (4th place team; Branden Rundquist-10th), Wildlife, Ag Mechanics, and Dairy Foods.
  • Poultry Evaluation CDE team places 1st at Region event and advances to state.  Participating members were Morgan Klingsporn (2nd), Kelan Chang (4th), Sierra Day-Wallace (9th), Bo Sandahl (10th), John Conroy, Marie Krinke, and Ashley White.
  • Stillwater team places 2nd in National FFA Forestry CDE; highest placing ever for a Forestry team from Minnesota; highest placing ever for a CDE team from Stillwater!.  Team members were Sierra Day-Wallace, Frank Falzone, Megan Knuteson, Bradley Kuehn (link to Stillwater Gazette article) (link to AgriNews article)
  • Hailey Buberl (class of 2009) receives American FFA Degree at National FFA Convention
  • Stillwater FFA receives 2-star National Chapter Award at National FFA Convention
  • Three members participate in National FFA Courtesy Corps (John Conroy, Alex Enter, and Bo Sandahl)
  • Ten members attend the National FFA Convention (Vince Anderson, John Conroy, Sierra Day-Wallace, Alex Enter, Frank Falzone, Caroline Harris, Morgan Klingsporn, Megan Knuteson, Bradley Kuehn, and Bo Sandahl)
  • Horse Judging CDE team places 2nd in Region 4 and qualifies for State (Elise Dittmann, Emilee Plautz, David Thomas, Christina Thompson, Jackie Levundusky - alt)
  • Livestock Evaluation CDE team qualifies for State (Vince Anderson, Ian Carley, Mike Langan, Laura Kurtz)
  • Landscape Display wins Reserve Grand Champion at MN State Fair (link to article)
  • Six chapter members attend Minnesota FFA's SLCCL (State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders).  Sierra Day-Wallace, Mia Ostwald, Kelan Chang, John Conroy, Marie Krinke, Alex Enter
  • Bo Sandahl, Chapter President, attends National FFA's WLC (Washington Leadership Conference).
  • Vince Anderson, Chapter Officer-at-Large, attends Minnesota FFA's SGLC (State Greenhand Leadership Conference).

2009-10 Highlights

  • Stillwater FFA members win State Forestry CDE (link to article)
  • 3-star National Chapter Award Winner
  • Reserve Champion FFA Landscape Display at Minnesota State Fair
  • National Agriscience Fair - 2nd place team: Senior Zoology Division (Kelvin Anderson & Katie Kubacki)
  • American FFA Degree recipient (Seth Wier, University of Wisconsin - River Falls/Ag Engineering)
  • State FFA Officer Nominating Committee (Kelvin Anderson)
  • 16 members attended the National FFA Convention and Career Show in Indianapolis
  • 41 members participated in Ag & Natural Resources Activities Day at U of M - Crookston
  • 31 members participated in the 50th Annual Agricultural Technology at UW-River Falls
  • 40 members qualified for State Career Development Events
  • ---Forestry - 1st - Gold
  • ---Horse - 4th - Gold
  • ---Floriculture - Gold
  • ---Nursery/Landscape - Gold
  • ---Fish and Wildlife (individual) - Gold
  • ---Job Interview - Silver
  • ---Poultry - Silver
  • ---Small Animal - Silver
  • ---Ag Sales - Silver
  • ---Livestock - Bronze
  • 1st place region/invitational teams
  • ---Region 4 Livestock Evaluation CDE
  • ---Region 4 Poultry Evaluation CDE
  • ---UWRF Forestry CDE
  • ---UWRF Small Animal CDE
  • ---UWRF Horse CDE
  • ---Region 4 Forestry CDE
  • 2rd place region/invitational teams
  • ---UM-Crookston Small Animal CDE 
  • ---Region 4 Ag Sales CDE
  • ---Region 4 Floriculture
  • ---Region 4 Nursery/Landscape
  • 3rd place region/invitational teams
  • ---UM-Crookston Forestry CDE
  • ---UM-Crookston Wildlife CDE
  • ---UM-Crookston Horse CDE
  • 1st place region/invitational individuals
  • ---Region 4 Job Interview CDE (Felicia Kuehn)
  • ---Region 4 Fish & Wildlife CDE (Andy Nelson)
  • ---Region 4 Meat Evaluation CDE (Kelvin Anderson)
  • ---UWRF Forestry CDE (Bradley Kuehn)
  • ---UWRF Small Animal CDE (Lester DiLorenzo)
  • ---UWRF Horse CDE (Maggie Peterson)
  • ---UWRF Floriculture CDE (Nathan Marquardt)
  • ---Region 4 Forestry (Megan Knuteson)
  • Community Outeach Service Activities
  • ---Children's Barnyard at Washington County Fair
  • ---Adopt-a-highway section on County Road 5 north of Hwy 36
  • ---SAHS Fall Fair
  • ---Horse Show
  • Fundraising
  • ---Fruit, Cheese, and Sausage Sale
  • ---Plant Sale
  • ---Native Plant Sale



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